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The Winooski Police Department has two vacant full time police officer positions available. To apply go to :JOIN OUR TEAM

The  Winooski Police Department is dedicated to provide the community and visitors with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We continually strive to improve the public’s perception of community safety through eradication of criminal activity and any conditions that have a detrimental impact on public safety. The Department will accomplish this task while utilizing the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) model.

Services will be provided in an efficient and effective manner, consistent with statutory authority, available budgeted resources and professional skills.

The Department recognizes its members as its most valuable resource, and will strive to maintain the quality of public service through committed leadership, supervisory direction, career development, succession planning and training.


Contact The Winooski Police Department:

Ph: (802) 655-0221

Fax – 802-655-6427