Safety & Crime Prevention Resources

Color Patch

Workplace Safety

Surviving an Active Shooter Video

Active Shooter Pocket Card

Taking Crime Prevention to Work

Protecting Your Business – Concepts and Tips

Protecting Your Business – Preventing a Robbery

Protecting Your Business – Shoplifting

Protecting Your Business – Disorderly Patrons

Protecting Your Business – Burglary

Protecting Your Business – Concepts and Tips

Protecting Your Business – Office Creepers

Identity Theft / Fraud Resources

IC3-Brochure – Victims of identity theft or other cyber crimes can file a report directly with the FBI  here: website

Identity Theft Brochure USDOJ

ID Theft Handbook – A Guide for Consumers

FTC Child Identity Theft Protection

10 tips to secure your computer brochure-pdf

Dont Be Scammed Brochure

Reporting Crime Online- Brochure

Safe and Secure in an Electronic World

Consumer Affairs Tips on Protecting Children from Identity Theft

Personal Safety

Citizen’s Guide to Report Crime

Neighborhood Safety Tips For Parents

What to Teach Kids About Strangers

Abusive Behaviors In Teen Relationships

Safer Seniors

Distracted Walking – Are You an Easy Target

Distracted Walking- Pedestrian Safety

Apartment Watch Flyer

Apartment Safety Flyer

Tips – How to avoid Auto Theft

Sign up for an email alert when a sex offender moves to Winooski

Register to receive Notifications from the Victim Notification and Information Service through the Vermont Department of Corrections

Vermont Alert

Sign up for Vermont Alert, to receive Amber Alerts, as well as any other emergency notifications you would like.

Like the Vermont Missing Person Facebook page

Cyber Safety

Cell Phone Savvy – A Parent’s Guide to Giving Your Child a Cell Phone

Social Networking Safety

McGruff- Kids and Computer Safety

Kids – Be a Good Cyber Citizen

McGruff – Kids Internet Safety Pledge

Safe Surfing Tips for Teens

Sexting – How Teens Can Stay Safe

How to avoid being stalked online brochure-pdf


Cyberbullying – Spotting The Signs

Cyberbullying Prevention – Work Together

Cyberbullying – Tips for Teens

Cyberbullying- Staying Informed

Cyberbullying – Educators Prevention Tips

Public Health

Inhalant Abuse Pamphlet

Strategy – Youth to Youth Drug Prevention

Parental Involvement in Raising a Drug Free Youth

Truth About Drugs Booklet

Truth About Prescription Drugs Booklet

Truth About Heroin Booklet

Truth About Marijuana Booklet

Truth About Alcohol Booklet