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Since 2000, the Winooski Community Justice Center (WinCJC) has operated as a division of The Winooski Police Department (WPD).  Their shared vision of community-policing and public safety has afforded the rights of its citizens to have a voice in determining how they will live together, conduct business, and address issues that concern them.  WPD and WinCJC’s collaborative solidarity continues to bring citizens together to address conflict with the law, and improve the quality of life for the citizens of The Onion City.

WinCJC is a fully-accredited municipality through the Criminal Justice Network of Vermont.  The WinCJC employs Restorative Justice (RJ) philosophies, principals, and practices into all of its programs to respond to crime and conflict at the earliest possible moment.  RJ believes that crime is a violation of people and relationships such as the victim and the community.  Furthermore, RJ operates on a “Done With” mindset, which allows the victim to be heard, holds the offender responsible for the harm caused, and starts to repair the damage done to community.

At the heart of the Winooski Community Justice Center are the citizens of Winooski who recognize that they have a role in addressing crime that directly affects their quality of life.  WPD and WinCJC supports active involvement by Winooski citizens in resolving conflict, preventing crime, and providing support to individuals affected by crime.  WinCJC additionally assists community members with information, referrals, access to various community resources, and other supportive agencies.


WinCJC Programs:


Restorative Justice Panels Translational Services
Offender Reentry Victim Advocacy
Mediation Program Graffiti Removal Squads
Offender Reentry COSA

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WinCJC Staff:   

Eliah Ferree, MAJC                                       


(802) 655-0221 ext 26                                                                                      

Patty Niquette

Reparative Board Manager 

(802) 655-0221 ext 30